The Sun Also Sets

The sun is setting
and I let him go

Freely I released him

No tearful plea to grant
more day     I understand
He must stay on track
for his scheduled
appearance just back
of that mountain yonder
where farmers and
soldiers and
school bus drivers
in far away places
will lift their heads
from their restless beds
at the first glimpse of his
bright shining face and

above me
the moon will nudge
the slumbering stars
and proclaim
their time
to shine


Finally sun

sans apology
for being gone
so long,
still haughty
and hot
sweat sluicing
down through
awkward spots

Finally sun

My penance for
shooting away
the pouring rain,
burning my neck
sits Sol’s
searing chain!

Finally sun

I must borrow
a towel, or become
a guacharo!
Shall you come again