The Letter (Postage Due)

I would like to write a letter
long and thoughtful and simple
in expression to touch upon
a few life lessons worth
mentioning to younger me
Some items he
could have known
might have known
but didn’t

Of gods and goddesses
How they are sold
door-to-door even
by tax exempt piety
To be careful not
to buy but rather
to find

And of love there is
much to say
How it is too often
traded the same
as the gods but know
that love is not conditional
Not something to be earned
but free
when it is true
do not believe it

Of course you have heard that
to give is better than to receive
and I consider it to be true
But seek to know the reason
most of all and you will
be rewarded

Do you recall you were told
you could be anything you
wanted to be?
Well, the world will try to
steal that belief from you
Hold fast to it even though
many will speak ill of your
Do not fear them
Cling to your dreams
and change the world

I hope this gets to you
I confess I do not know
the postage for a parcel
to the distant past

Keep moving forward
The years will pass
increasingly fast



Unbreakable Bond

I see the colorful rows of boats
weathered and coarse as
the shrimper’s hands holding
hot coffee in the hours before
the sun the motor softly
rumbling in the pitch of
the predawn oceanscape
A life of
the tempestuous lover
that is the sea
Never dreaming of
leaving her briny
A study in

There Are Times

There are times when
no amount of crying
will suffice
though the great seas
rise and swell from
the depth and deluge of
our sorrow
the dead will not return
to life
love denied will remain
Wars will continue to absorb
the small broken bodies
of the innocent
but cry we must

and shall

for there are times
when tears are all that
are left to us