Last Minute Shit Scribble

I committed to writing at least
one poem a day and now I am less
than three hours away from missing
it today so here’s this:

There were several birds in a tree
By my count . . . it was three
And I begged and pleaded for a warble
but with the sun long past they bid me leave
No, this night they would not sing for me

Cirque du Seed and Sweat

Safflower found in the rolled up cuff of my too long jeans Odd pieces in odd corners through the kitchen and family room and one stuck to the dog’s belly Safflower sprouting under the steps Finches flinging and slinging safflower in all directions while doves dart across the deck to gather this manna from heaven and paranoid schizophrenic cardinals flit in and out in a perpetual state of “Oh shit! What was that!” and the bombastic bully blue jay appears occasionally and they all skedaddle for safety and it’s hot – damn hot