One Time in Memphis

we were sitting in Handy Park
Down past the pulsing neon
Past those human bug zappers that
attract the wide-eyed and their
wallets like so many hapless moths
Sitting and watching a Stevie Ray Vaughn
knock off band sweat through the
standards in the oppressive breath
of Memphis in July when what
did our eyes behold but a
very large woman in an equally
large flowered dress rest her ample
back against the cinder block wall
that housed the public toilets
and proceed to squat and piss
on the concrete
The sound akin to a cow
casually relieving itself
on a flat rock and she
content and oblivious to
the urine pooling around
her tattered flip flops
or who might be watching
and the blues played on and
no one gave the egregious breach
of etiquette much thought

Such is life in the city

Author: OdinsBard

Writer, author, Navy vet, musician, intermittent mystic, old soul and practicing poet

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