Election Day

The ambiance was
down at the diner
A wraith-like fellow
in flannel arguing
to an indifferent other
as the children played
with their food
An older lady looking
every bit a banker,
dressed to the nines,
quietly enjoying a slice
of homemade pecan pie
while two rotund deputies,
the town’s finest
I presume, ate
for free in
a corner booth
What message would
I choose from this broken
run-on sentence?
“Over easy”
I said to the waitress
as I watched a
brown dog
pee on the
red hydrant
across the street
sipping my coffee

Author: OdinsBard

Writer, author, Navy vet, musician, intermittent mystic, old soul and practicing poet

2 thoughts on “Election Day”

  1. I love this slice of life. Felt like I was right there. Soft broken murmurs, clatter of silverware on plates, the satisfied sip of coffee, the cool pane of glass separating the warmth inside from the autumn day outside, yes, very great job.

    Liked by 1 person

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