Guest Writer From Paris – “Red Wine”

The Eiffel Tower
in my mind
attracts no
tourists so my
leap from the top
and the messy
landing will go
save by passing
squirrels, (ever
my tormentors eating
up my bird seed and
tomatoes), come
to snicker at my
demise and
Sting will
probably sing
at my tribute
because he sings
at every tribute
that pretentious fuck
Lauded far above
his talent, a bad
penny that keeps
turning up
but I guess I’d be
flattered all the same
in my mind where I
never really died anyway
and I’ll take a car
down the Champ de Mars
for an espresso
after the service
in my funeral
shined shoes
and frozen
perfect hair

Author: OdinsBard

Writer, author, Navy vet, musician, intermittent mystic, old soul and practicing poet

3 thoughts on “Guest Writer From Paris – “Red Wine””

  1. Love it – the Eiffel Tower setup – and everything downstream, every hair in place. Haha! Coincidently, this past week been listening to old live Police on Spotify. Got to reach back to the early days to find Sting before he became STING. As a bassist and vocalist he propels the crap out of the early catalog as a live trio.

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