Bad Bargains

Share no trust with
wingless Cardinals
too dark to fly
swearing to know
the light in the sky
Nor trust the
lion’s gratitude
from whose foot
you removed a thorn
He will consume you
with that selfsame
gratitude when
hunger looms
and never, ever
trust the moon
on a blue night
fat with stars
Enamored by her light
Captive to her charm
You’ll pledge your heart
to wake alone at dawn

Author: OdinsBard

Writer, author, Navy vet, musician, intermittent mystic, old soul and practicing poet

4 thoughts on “Bad Bargains”

  1. Wow. Even Though the image of wingless cardinals is so gruesome that I rather recoil from it (but then: maybe having an effect is good?), this poem is so captivating. I especially love the part about the moon. (Edits, because this poem is quite worthy and you can delete after reading: “whose” rather than “who’s” and “It will consume you …” reads like “it” is the thorn whereas maybe “he” or “she” would be understood as the lion?) Carry on. In sunlight.

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    1. You are quite right about “who’s” Not sure what the heck I was thinking! I wasn’t, I suppose – to big of a hurry to press “publish” 😉 The “wingless Cardinal” was intended as a somewhat veiled reference to the Catholic church and its continuing abuse/cover up issues. I guess the line works either way, which is good! Thanks for catching the edit 🙂 Peace . . .


  2. “wingless Cardinals/ too dark to fly/ swearing to know /the light in the sky . . . ” Heavens, that adds a whole new realm of gravity, as well as depravity. “swearing to know/ the light in the sky” could not be more perfect – as both beautiful lines and encompassing such far-reaching hypocrisy. I really like this poem. Quite thought-provoking, strong and emotive writing.

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